AWC - 650


The AWC-650 Automatic Wafer Cleaner System leads the way in post-dicing wafer cleaning. Convenient Operation Panel with LCD display. Substrate sizes: up to 8 frame-mounted wafers. Compact system size - ideal for use where space limitations are a consideration. Built-in vacuum generator with auto-drain water trap. Nitrogen puff wafer release. Built-in exhaust blower option.CO2 re-ionizing option. Mega sonic nozzle option. The AE AWC-650 uses a high-pressure (H. P.) de-ionized water spray combined with rapid N2-assisted drying to provide effective and convenient cleaning of substrates. Cleaning recipes for various Pre-wet,  H. P.  Wash and Dry Time cycle settings are programmed and stored in the Operation Panel. The AE AWC-650 Automatic Wafer Cleaner facilitates the post-dicing cleaning of semiconductor wafers up to 8 in diameter. The AE AWC-650 effectively removes minute particles from a variety of substrate materials and types.