MHS - Modular System for Wafer Frames Load/Unload
Converts manual machines to fully automatic systems.
Automatic dicing frame loading/unloading from dicing cassette.
Easily retrofitted to existing manual systems.
Auto-alignment of wafer on dicing saw, does not interfere with dicing saw software.
Automatic programmable Y-axis correction.
Independent PC-controlled, does not interfere with dicing saw software.
Uses MS Windows 2000 GUI.
Accepts all cassette types up to 6 saw MHS Modular Wafer Frame Load/Unload System  Convert from Manual to Fully Automatic!

AE develops modular systems to load/unload wafer frames into dicing, pick & place, cleaners and other semiconductor manufacturing systems. AE's MHS (Modular Handling System) is designed to handle wafer frames up to 8" (200mm) and operates with standard cassettes that carry up to 25 frames. The new MHS Control System is designed to operate independently and minimizes intervention with the host system.

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