MWM - 300
MWM-300 Up to 12" (300mm) wafers, vacuum mounting process,  programmable tape tension, PLC-controlled operation, safe for wafers down to 6 mils thick.
* No roller used.
* Mounts wafers up to 300mm.
* Bubble-free tape adhesion provides improved adhesion.
* Minimizes mechanical contact with wafer.
* UV Tape capability.
* Automatic motorized tape cutting.
* Tape tension is controlled and programmable.
Dimensions:  (H?W?D) 70 x 35.5 x 48 (178.6 x 90 x 122 cm).
Weight: 273 lbs. (124 kg).
Line Voltage: 110-220 Vac, 60 Hz, Single Phase,
220-240  Vac, 50 Hz, Single Phase 
Air Pressure: 5 bar CDA.

Vacuum Wafer Mounter Technology 300mm wafers are delicate and expensive substrates requiring special handling care and attention.Vacuum technology provides the solution to 300mm wafer/frame mounting with minimal physical contact and mechanical force applied to the wafer.Tape application in a vacuum environment eliminates air bubbles betweenthe wafer and the tape for improved adhesion - extremely important for very thinwafer and small die dicing applications.