In light of recent world economic events and the current situation in the semiconductor manufacturing field, AE Advanced Engineering is now supporting our valued customers with a new equipment procurement track.

This method of payment is designed to provide financial flexibility to our customers and make equipment purchasing easier under the current tight budget conditions that exist in many companies. If your company needs to expand manufacturing capability or replace outdated machines, AE will work with you to find the financial package that makes sense for you.

Please contact your local AE distributor or AE directly, to see how we can cooperate to beat the current market conditions together.

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The AE UV-9200 is specially designed for safe and reliable processing of 6" & 8" wafers, with no contact between the operator and the wafer frame during processing. PC-controlled and based on AE's field-proven UV curing technology, the UV-9200 is easy to use and highly cost-effective to operate.

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Higher-Power UV Unit for AE UV Curing Systems.
In response to new UV tape models on the market, AE is now marketing our Higher-Power UV Unit to provide improved performance. Ask us for details.

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The AE AWM-856 is a high-throughput, PC-controlled semi-automatic roller wafer mounting system. Waste tape and UV tape backing are automatically collected on windup rollers. Wafer and dicing frame are manually loaded, the operator presses the Start button on the touch screen and the rest is automatic.

The AE AWM-856 provides controlled tape tensioning and absolute minimum tape gap between mountings for maximum savings in cost-of-operation.

Options include:

  • Machine vision Theta angle alignment for precise wafer positioning.
  • Automatic offloading of mounted wafers to a dicing cassette.

Wafer ID reader for Process Log information storage.

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UV-9200 Automatic UV Curing System
New Equipment Purchasing Track
Higher-Power UV Unit for AE UV Curing Systems
AE AWM-856 Semi-Automatic Wafer Mounting System