Fully automatic single cassette operation, up to 12" (300mm), with auto-handling, individual lamp sensors, automatic irradiation dosage control, UV status indicator, UV intensity monitoring, cassette status indicator.

UV - 9300
Fully automatic.
Continuous processing cycle - for high throughput.
PC-controlled - with friendly WindowsTM interface.
Low Cost-of-Ownership.
Safe, ozone-free - low-pressure UV source.
Process 8 and 12 wafer frames/cassettes.
Requires no cooling utilities.
Economical footprint (58 x 111 cm).

Wafer size:             8 and 12.
Frame/Cassette:    Standard Disco/K&S 8 and 12
                               (others by request).
UV wavelength:     365 nm.
Throughput:          12.5 minutes per 25-frames.*
Control unit:          PC, with WindowsTM GUI.
Electrical utility:    110 or 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz.
Power:                   500W.
Air:                        72 p.s.i. (5 bar) c.d.a.
Dimensions:          (H x W x D) 56 x 23 x 44
                              (141*58*111 cm).
Footprint:              23 x 44 (58 x 111 cm). Weight:                 286 lbs. (130 kg).

* Test conditions:       UV tape curing energy required
                                       = 200mJ/cm2, with silicon wafer.
Specifications may be changed without prior notice.

1. Wafer cassette containing frames with mounted 
    substrates awaiting UV exposure is placed on cassette
    loading adaptor.
2. Operator selects desired pre-programmed UV exposure
    recipe and starts the process cycle.
3. System scans wafer cassette to determine which slots
    are populated. This information is used to optimize
    material handling during processing cycle.
4. System automatically transports wafer/frames from
    cassette to UV irradiation station, where frame is
    processed according to programmed recipe.
5. During UV irradiation of frame, next frame is positioned
    in standby position, so that when completed frame is
    transported back to original location in cassette, the next
    frame immediately receives UV irradiation. In this
    manner, total cassette process cycle time is optimized.
6. When all wafer frames have been irradiated and returned
    to cassette, the system indicates process completion on
    monitor screen and signal tower. Operator removes
    cassette to complete the process cycle.