UV - 950 single-frame, up to 8'' wafers, compact tabletop size, for low capacity requirements.

UV - 950
Safe, Ozone-free UV Irradiation
Uses optimized wavelength for UV curing process. Low-pressure mercury vapor lamps do not harmful produce ozone emissions, therefore they do not require special cooling or nitrogen systems. CE Approved, the UV-950provides a safe operating environment and economicalutility requirements. 

The UV-950 is an extremely reliable and robust UV Curing System, designed for use in single-frame, manual operation applications and laboratory environments.
Compact Desktop Design compact and portable, the UV-950 does not require nitrogen or other special utility hookups, allowing for simple installation and full portability. Simply plug it in and it is ready to go.

Wafer/Frame size:  All standard sizes, up to 8 Effective UV wavelength:  365 nm Throughput:  50 frames/hr. *Timer:  Omron 3HCA-A Electrical
utility: 110/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz Power: 100 W
Dimensions:  (HxWxD)8x19x16 (19.8x48.5x40.5 cm)   Height including cover clearance): 23 (58 cm) Weight: 44bs. (20 kg) 
 * For silicon wafer, using UV tape requiring curing irradiation of 200 mJ/cm2

1.Wafer/Frame is placed on glass irradiation surface.

2. Operator sets desired UV irradiation time on the timer and presses    the Start button to initiate the irradiation cycle.

3. The Output progress display on the timer indicates cycle status.

 4. When the preset cycle period ends, the UV lamps are switched Off    and the irradiated Wafer/Frame is removed.