UV Curing Systems


AE UV curing systems process wafers up to 300mm, applying even UV irradiation over the entire wafer surface and providing safe, reliable ozone-free UVA irradiation. AE UV curing systems provide optimal, controlled UV exposure for efficient curing using safe, ozone-free UVA irradiation for reliable, worry-free operation. Single-frame or cassette-loader models select the model that's right for you. AE UV curing systems provide can increase yields when dicing on UV adhesive tape. AE provides a wide range of manual and fully automatic systems to meet all production throughput requirements.

The great advantages of the AE UV curing technology is in the special dedicated design for curing of wafers mounted on dicing frames. The UV tape is used in the semiconductor assembly process to position the silicon wafer on the dicing frame while dicing. The adhesion strength between irradiated UV dicing tape and silicon is much higher while dicing the wafers, and much lower compared to non UV dicing tape (i.e. “sticky tape” or “blue tape” or "Nitto tape"). Thus, the adhesive force allow safer and faster cutting of the wafer, and after the wafer is cut, a safer and faster pick-up process from the cured tape. AE Systems are fully compliant with all types of tape manufacturers: Furukawa, Nitto, Lintec and others and can process all types of frames: Disco, K&S and TSK.

AE UV Curing Systems