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New Equipment Purchasing Track.

In light of recent world economic events and the current situation in the semiconductor manufacturing field, AE Advanced Engineering is now supporting our valued customers with a new equipment procurement track.

This method of payment is designed to provide financial flexibility to our customers and make equipment purchasing easier under the current tight budget conditions that exist in many companies. If your company needs to expand manufacturing capability or replace outdated machines, AE will work with you to find the financial package that makes sense for you.

Please contact your local AE distributor or AE directly, to see how we can cooperate to beat the current market conditions together.

New! Higher-Power UV Unit for AE UV Curing Systems.

In response to new UV tape models on the market, AE is now marketing our Higher-Power UV Unit to provide improved performance.
Ask us for details.


AE Advanced Engineering is a world leader in providing Dicing Environment equipment and materials to the semiconductor industry. Known for its reliable and robust products, AE develops innovative and marker-driven systems for use in the sophisticated and highly demanding microelectronics assembly market. Constantly working with its customers to help them meet ever-evolving process requirements, AE   provides a wide range of dicing environment products: Wafer mounters, wafer cleaners, UV curing systems, dicing tapes and accessories Wafer Mounting: Finished wafers from a semiconductor fab are mounted on dicing tape and attached to dicing frames. Dicing: The frame-mounted wafer is placed in a dicing saw to be cut into individual dies. Cleaning: The diced wafer is placed in a wafer cleaning system to remove debris and micro-particles remaining on the wafer after the dicing process. UV Curing: Wafers that are mounted on UV curable dicing tape undergo a UV curing process to enable easy die removal for pick and place and die attach operations.

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